Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Introducing Bruhnhilda...

Sometimes in life, absurdity must rule. Oh..you can choose to stamp it out. You can whitewash and homogenize your existence, if you please. You can morph yourself into a drone; marching mindlessly through each day - seamlessly flowing from one week to the next...never enjoying anything. OR You can embrace the insanity that is life, and enjoy yourself!

I long since tossed the serious salad. I choose to embrace the absurd.

Am I a worldly traveler, ready to regail you with tales from afar? Am I an heiress who can dish on the mighty millionaires and their own special brand of insanity? In order - nope, and Heck NO!

I am, for those of you who don't know me yet, Bruhnhilda the Supermom! I chase after 4 life-altering progeny, and have learned the invaluable lesson of Laughter. Oh, my life is pretty damn serious. My daughter has cancer, my finances make swiss cheese look "complete" and my rearend is so stinkin' big I'm using it as a fundraiser ( http://www.crazycancermomcom/ ). I could have (probably should have) long since surrendered to the depressing demons that weigh heavily on my shoulders and shriek their obscenities in my ears (they gave up whispering several years back). But I refuse! Out, out damned Spot! (Spot is the demon on my right shoulder) I will have none of you!

I am firmly determined to enjoy my brief ride on the third rock. To do any less, would be an injustice to the cave dwellers that battled the elements to provide me my lineage. To my hairy predecessors - I say "Hu-Hah! I salute you with a smirk and a wink." To anyone too serious to appreciate that. I say phhthhhhht. (crud, just how do you write a raspberry?)

This blog, Bruhnhilda's Blog of Absurdity, is my salute to the funny that is our world. I don't know how much, or how often I'll visit this place, but I welcome you here when I do.

Bat crap and Bubble Goo,
your friendly, Bruhnhilda

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Susan said...

Okay, so I know you've not posted here in forever, but I'm using it as a place to wish you a Happy Birthday, anyway!! :-P

I hope you have a great birthday filled with all sorts of fun that your hubby and little people can dream up!